Corporate Housing

Furnished Villa Units and Main House Communal Living

We have a large choice of furnished accommodation for short term and extended stays up to 42 consecutive days and 150 days per year as required, under the innkeepers act.

Our accommodation packages can be arranged to suite your requirements with options of serviced or self serviced villas.

Why not contact one of our staff members with your accommodation needs and let us help you reduce your accommodation costs.

Accommodation for Relocating Staff

Our Villas could be the perfect solution for when staff are required to move to another location and need temporary accommodation or semi-permanent accommodation for 1 week to up to 6 weeks.

This type of accommodation is generally used by both corporate and construction companies to house their staff while a particular project is in progress.

Cost Effective Accommodation

We have many villas which are suitable to accommodate multiple staff at any one time which will reduce your total accommodation expense greatly, when compared to hotel accommodation.

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